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The Baker County Building Department has established an Inspection Request Line which operates 24 hours a day to better serve the needs of our community. The Inspection Request will be the means by which a contractor or permit holder may call the Building Department to request an inspection.

Inspection Request Line

All requests for inspections will be retrieved from the Inspection Request Line at 8:00am each week day morning. The inspections will be scheduled for that day. If you call the Inspection Request Line after 8:00am, the inspection will be scheduled for the next working day.

What Do I Need When Calling The Request Line?

- Permit Number -
- Name That Permit Was Issued Under -
- Contractor Name (If Using A Contractor) -
- Physical Location of Site (Not Mailing Address) -
- Type of Inspection Being Requested -

The Building Official is in the office between the hours of 8:30am and 12 Noon, Monday through Friday to address any other issues. Any questions concerning this procedure should be directed to the Baker County Building Department at 904.259.2403