MINUTES                                                                                                         August 7, 2001


The Baker County Board of Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present:

Chairman Clifton Barton

Vice Chairman Fred Raulerson

Commissioner Alex Robinson

Commissioner Julie Combs

Commissioner Mark Hartley


Also, present were:                               Attorney Terry Brown

County Clerk Al Fraser

County Manager Josie Davis


Chairman Barton called the meeting to order and led in the flag ceremonies.  Commissioner Raulerson led in prayer.


Ms. Rachael Johnson from AT&T Broadband was present to answer questions regarding operational issues for TV Cable Service for the county.  AT&T has increased staff in the Jacksonville Call Center within the past two months and another Call Center is being constructed in south Florida.  By the end of September, calls should be going to both centers.  Some of the issues addressed were as follows:


Ø         Response time for a technician to make a call to a home

Ø         Paying for days when no service is available     

Ø         Poor Reception

Ø         Expanding Channels for the area

Ø         Customer Service Calls on hold for excessive amounts of  time


Chairman Barton asked Ms. Johnson for a report on the progress of AT&T  resolving these issues.  Ms. Johnson provided her office number (904) 619-2562.  After calling Customer Service and allowing the process a little time to work, Ms. Johnson would like a call in order to resolve the issue.


Ms. Ginger Barber presented an update on Enterprise East and Enterprise West.   For Enterprise East, Wal-Mart management requested  5,000 square feet for rent within the city  to store computers in order to get all computers operating prior to transferring them to the Wal-Mart site.  With no space available in Macclenny, Wal-Mart will attempt to find a facility in Jacksonville.  A Work Source office will be located between Food Lion and the Wal-Mart store and will accept applications for the six hundred people to be employed at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center.  This office will open the first week in September and The Development Commission is contracting with a Jacksonville company to handle the drug testing.



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The Chamber of Commerce met with the Department of Transportation  regarding traffic signalization  at the intersection of U.S. 90 and Enterprise East Boulevard.  The D.O.T. did a traffic  count and did not see a need at this time for a full traffic light at the intersection but did agree to allow a flashing light. 


Ms. Barber presented an update on Enterprise West.  An acre of land will be sold to Sanderson Pipe  who is expanding and needs more acreage to the south.  This transaction will provide seventy-five additional  feet to the property owned by Sanderson Pipe.  The Development Commission will receive $30,000 on the sale, which will reduce the debt the county has with the Development Commission. 

Mr. Rick Clark, Director of Emergency Management,  presented three Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity for approval.  They are as follows:


1.         Trauma One Flight Service  (Flight Service)

2.         Rocky Mountain Helicopters     (Life Flight)

3.         Century Ambulance Service     


Commissioner Robinson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Raulerson, to accept the Certification.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Commissioner Combs reported meeting with Judge Williams and Al Fraser regarding a replacement custodian for the new Courthouse.  Mr. Arthur Nobels will be retiring in the near future and Ms. Tanya Pearl, custodian for the county buildings, has expressed an interest in transferring to this position.  Commissioner Combs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Robinson, to hire Ms. Pearl at the rate of $8.50 hourly.  The motion carried unanimously.  Commissioner Combs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Raulerson, to advertise for a replacement for Ms. Pearl with a salary of $8.50 hourly.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Commissioner Combs expressed concerns presented to her by the residents of Arnold Rhoden Road.  Trailers from Sanderson Pipe are currently being parked overnight at the end of Wire Mill Road obstructing the view of the stop sign and oncoming traffic.  In addition, the corner has insufficient lighting.  The D.O.T. contacted Sanderson Pipe to inform them the intersection was not designed for overnight parking.  Chairman Barton asked Mr. Davis to call Sanderson Pipe regarding parking the trucks on the property recently purchased by Sanderson Pipe rather than parking them at this intersection.  Failure to cooperate would result in being ticketed by the Sheriff’s Department.  Mr. Davis related the county extended an area to park outside the Wire Mill for the purpose of trucks pulling out and tieing down loads.  However, this area was never intended for overnight parking.  Attorney Brown advised this is not a D.O.T. issue but a traffic issue the Sheriff’s Department should look into. The Board received a petition signed by the Residents of Arnold Rhoden Road requesting the county address the needs of the area in order to prevent personal injury or a fatality due to poor visibility in this industrial, residential area.


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Mr. Frank Dodd, who recently submitted the highest bid on the sale of Lot 25 in the Hills of Glen, addressed the Board regarding an explanation as to the reason for the board decision on July 16, 2001 to reject all bids and retain the property for the county.  The Commissioners explained the reasons for their decision  and felt as a whole that the decision was in the best interest of the county.  After a lengthy discussion, the Board stood with its original decision to retain the property.


Mr. Davis presented three requests to set  Public Hearings for August 20, 2001 at 5:01 p.m. for the following:


Ø         Ordinance No. 2001-16: First Reading - Rezoning of 29 acres in a Mixed Use area from RCMH 1 to RC 1/4.  The application was submitted by James & Mary Fraser by agent Annette Thomas.


Ø         Ordinance No. 2001-17: Rezoning of .40 acres in a Mixed Use zone from CG to RCMH .5.  Application submitted by Josie Davis.


Ø         Approval of Budget Amendments


Commissioner Robinson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Hartley, to set the public hearings for August 20, 2001 at 5:01 p.m.  The motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Davis presented information received by the Administration Office  in regard to county Ordinance No. 2001-22.  This Ordinance was sent to Tallahassee to the offices of Governor Bush and his cabinet, as well as Senator Mitchell and  State Representative Aaron Bean asking for assistance in removing the pilings at Ocean Pond.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission related, if Baker County wants to apply for a permit to remove the pilings, and flag those not removed, the agency will assist.  The Game and Fish Commission sent a permit for Uniform Waterway Markers and asked if the county will pursue removing the pilings and marking those not removed or if the county will ask the state to take that responsibility.  The Governor has told the agencies he wants the pilings out and the agencies want the county to remove  them.  Attorney Brown advised, if any of the pilings are removed, then all should be removed.  If someone hits a piling with a boat, the county will be liable and it is the responsibility of the state to remove them.  Chairman Barton asked Mr. Davis to contact the state about removing the pilings.


Mr. Davis presented a request from Mr. Nick Frilling, Information Systems Director, regarding a need to purchase Virus Protection Software.  Some of the county computers were hit by a virus recently and disabled them.  It took considerable time for Mr. Frilling and his staff to locate the problem and correct it.  The cost to purchase the Norton Anti-Virus 2001 software for 116 computers @ $20.41 per computer is $2,367.56.  Commission Raulerson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Robinson, to authorize Mr. Frilling to purchase the Norton Anti-Virus 2001 software.  The motion carried unanimously.


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Mr. Davis presented the Ranking Evaluation Sheet for the SouthTrust Renovation.  The Architectural Companies ranked in the following order:


# 1       Clemons, Rutherford & Associates, Inc.

# 2       Rink Reynolds Diamond Fisher Wilson

# 3       CRG Architects Planners, Inc.


It was the recommendation of the committee that Clemons, Rutherford & Associates, Inc. be hired as the architectural firm for the SouthTrust renovation.  Commissioner Robinson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Raulerson, to approve the recommendation of the committee.  The motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Davis presented for Board approval the need for sanding and refinishing the hardwood floor in the old courtroom.  However, Mr. Fraser reported the carpet has been bought and will cost approximately $7,200 for installation.  The Board agreed to the installation of the carpet.


Mr. Davis reported, a  Priority List of road projects for the Department of Transportation for FY 2001/2002 is due August 15, 2001.  After a lengthy discussion, the Board agreed to the following:


Road Priority List


1.         Add lanes and reconstruct SR 121 from I-10 to U.S. 90

2.         SR 121 North where CR 228 forks and CR 23B intersect.  Baker County is

requesting this intersection be redesigned and a traffic light installed

3.         Widen and resurface CR 228 from U.S. 90 to SR 121 (Construction programmed

for 02/03)

4.         Truck route needed to handle truck traffic from U.S. 90 East of (Enterprise East

Industrial Site) Macclenny, connecting to CR 228 and I-10 interchange

5.         Design drainage system on U.S. 90 between CR 229 North and CR 127 North in



Bridge Priority List


1)         270024            Cedar Creek Bridge (CR 127 N)         Cedar Creek

2)         270026            Manntown Bridge, CR 125 S               St. Mary’s River/South Prong

3)         270027            CR 229, S. Green’s Creek                   St. Mary’s River/South Prong

4)         274092            Clete Harvey Road                               St. Mary’s River/South Prong

5)         274091            Clete Harvey Road                               Mud Lake Swamp

6)         274145            Turner Cemetery Road             Caulkin Creek

7)         274138            Eddy Road                                           Moccasin Creek

8)         274137            Hassie Johns Road                               by Tom Raulerson

9)         274090            L. E. Harvey Road                               Oak Branch

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Transportation Enhancement Program


1. (Amended) County Road 23A (a.k.a. Lowder Street) in the City of  Macclenny,  South

                of U.S. 90 to SR 121 on the east side of CR 23A ONLY.  Estimated Cost: $198,000.00

2. (Amended) CR 23A (a.k.a. Lowder Street), N. of U.S. 90 to CR 23B, thence East of CR

    23B to New elementary school entrance.  Sidewalk on east side of highway and south

   side respectively.  Also, from U.S. 90  N. to Miltondale Road on the west side of           roadway.  Estimated Cost: $766,500.00

3. (Amended) CR 127 in Sanderson - 0.7 mile  N. of U.S. 90 on the west side of CR 127

    ONLY.  Estimated Cost: $125,000.00

4. East Madison Street between North Hillard Ave. and Wildcat Drive (Westside Elementary

    School to Baker County High School), Glen St. Mary on both sides, approximately 1500'

5. (Addition) CR 139 from U.S. 90 North to Community of Margaretta


Mr. Davis reported Mr. O.C. Horne was scheduled to appear before the Board to discuss Rescue Services Policies.  However, Mr. Horne  spoke to several Commissioners and understood a Workshop would be held to address this issue.  Mr. Davis was advised State Law requires Rescue to stop at the nearest Emergency Services Center and Attorney Brown advised he has not read the law himself but would research and make sure this was the law as stated.  Commissioner Raulerson reported Medicare will only pay travel to the nearest Emergency facility.  Mr. Horne’s concern was due to his wife having a reoccurring stroke.  The first time she was taken to Baker Community Hospital & Health Center who had to transfer her to Jacksonville for treatment.  The second incident, Mr. Horne requested his wife be taken directly to the Jacksonville facility and was refused.  Mr. Horne felt he was entitled to consideration after the first incident.  No action was taken.


Chairman Barton presented a Memorandum of Agreement from the Supervisor of Elections Office to be signed and returned to Tallahassee.  The agreement is between the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Elections and the Baker County Board of County Commissioners.  An excerpt from the Agreement states:


Counties having a population of 75,000 or fewer based on the 2000 census shall receive a total of $75,000 per precinct based on the number of precincts as certified by the Department of State for the 2000 General Election, to be distributed in two equal installments.


Funds are to be use to upgrade the voting precincts within the county.  Baker County received $60,000 for its eight precincts.  Chairman Barton expressed a desire to establish a voting precinct at the Cuyler Fire Department.  Commissioner Combs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Raulerson, to approve the Memorandum of Agreement between the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Elections and the Baker County Board of County Commissioners.  The motion carried unanimously.  Commissioner Raulerson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Hartley, to authorize the Supervisor of Elections to upgrade voting equipment and establish a voting precinct in Cuyler.  The motion carried unanimously.

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Chairman Barton presented for discussion the tentative opening of the Little Saint Mary’s River Park.  The Park will be open and available for fishing by county residents in the near future.  The Board made the decision to discuss the issues further at the meeting of the Board on  September 4, 2001.


Mr. Bob Hathcox, Building Official, reported he and Commissioner Raulerson interviewed applicants for the new Building Inspector for one and two family dwellings.  It was their recommendation that the Board hire Mr. Roland Cope for the position.  Commissioner Raulerson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Hartley, to hire Mr. Cope for the new Building Official.  Mr. Cope will start immediately.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Mr. Fraser reported the two flat portions of the courthouse roof have a leak.  Mr. Bill Griffin, Project Superintendent for the Auchter Company, received a bid under $5,000.  The board related unless the price is reduced to $3,500 the project will have to be bid out. 


Commissioner Combs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Raulerson to approve the minutes of July 9, 2001 and the minutes of July 16, 2001.  The motion carried unanimously.


Meeting adjourned.







                                                                                                                                               Al Fraser, Clerk to the Board                                                 Clifton Barton, Chairman